Wellbeing Initiatives

Workplace health promotion is not just about health education, it’s about establishing healthy workplace policies and supportive environments, building individual skills and organisational resilience and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Employers and managers have a crucial part to play when it comes to employee wellbeing. With one in six people in the UK experiencing symptoms of poor mental health every single week, nurturing the mental health and wellbeing of your team has never been more important.


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Wellbeing Services Include

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Toolbox Talks and Campaigns focussing on Exercise and Fitness & Bio-metric Assessments.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Review/development of mental health strategies. Managing Mental Health Course. Mindfulness Techniques and Benefits. Bespoke Promotions and Campaigns.


Toolbox Talks and Campaigns focussing on:
Nutrition, Alcohol Management.
The significance of Sleep
Becoming “Desk Active”
Creating a Bespoke Plan

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