Statutory Medicals

It is a statutory requirement for you to carry out health surveillance medicals for those employees at risk from hazards including noise, vibration, solvents, dusts, fumes, and other substances hazardous to health.

Arrange statutory medicals for Asbestos, Ionising Radiation and Lead with an Occupational Health Physician, to ensure annual medicals are completed and employees are safe in their working environment.


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Statutory medical services we provide

Early detection of work-related ill health could significantly reduce levels of absence and improve productivity.

With the support of Clarity, you can be confident that your staff are working in a safe, secure and protected environment that meets your legal obligations.

Medicals are conducted by our trained and highly experienced Occupational Health Technicians in a fully equipped and calibrated Mobile Medical Unit, that takes away the need for on-site facilities.

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Multiple ways to deliver Statutory Medicals

On-Site Clinics

Be it a regular fixed visit or ad-hoc services, our onsite provision integrates seamlessly into our client facilities, extending their internal departments to develop an occupational health provision.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile Medical Units offer flexibility and space to carry out effective health screening in a range of locations, including clients business premises, without your employees having to take lengthy time off work.

Healthcare Network

Clarity have built a national network of healthcare locations, offering a flexible and convenient solution where an onsite visit is not possible, ensuring total accessibility to our services.