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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I been asked to complete a post offer questionnaire?
As part of the recruitment process, you may be asked to complete a post offer questionnaire.  The purpose of a post offer questionnaire is to ensure that the individual has no pre-existing ill health or disability that may make the performance of the proposed job difficult or unsafe for the individual, other workers or third parties. The assessment is also used to identify whether the workplace needs adapting to accommodate the needs of the disabled individual.
What information does my employer receive?
Your employer will only receive a fitness certificate confirming that you have completed the questionnaire/ medical and any recommendations Occupational Health has made to support you in your role.
What is an Occupational Health Surveillance Medical?
This is a pro-active measure that provides clinical testing and questionnaires for employees exposed to health hazards, including excessive noise, dust, chemicals and hand transmitted vibration. In many cases, this is a legal requirement for employers.
Why do I need to have a health surveillance medical?
Depending upon your role, you may require a health surveillance medical, if you are exposed to health hazards, including excessive noise, dust, chemicals and offhand transmitted vibration. This can help to make sure that any potential ill health effects are detected as early as possible
What does the health surveillance medical involve?
The health surveillance medical can include some or all of the following tests: Audiometry, HAVS, Skin Assessment, Spirometry, Urine and Blood Samples. Part of the assessment is based on confidential health questionnaires which will be completed with the Clarity Occupational Health Technician during the appointment.
How often do I need to have health surveillance?
Occupational health surveillance is undertaken regularly. How often you will need to have an assessment depends upon your job function, working environment and risk assessments. Please consult with your Line Manager, or Human Resource Department for further information.
What will happen if a medical condition is identified during the Health Surveillance?
The Occupational Health team will assess the condition, and advise if further investigation or treatment is required. If so, you may be asked to arrange a review with your GP.

In some cases, you may be referred for review with an OHA or OHP. (see Management referral above).

What happens to my medical records?
All medical records will be retained by Clarity Occupational Health. Confidentiality will be maintained at all stages of the Occupational Health Process. Managers will not be given access to medical records but will be given an outcome summary. Under the General Data Protection Act (GDPR 2018) and Access to Medical Records Act (1988), you have the right to see your medical records upon submission of a written request. Clarity Occupational Health is accredited by SEQOHS and maintains its records with the strictest protocols in line with this accreditation.
What is Occupational Health?
Occupational Health is concerned with the effects of health on work and work on health, considering an individual’s health, and fitness to perform certain jobs/workplace tasks.

Your employer is committed to looking after your health and wellbeing and developing a healthy working environment, keeping you safe.

What information does my employer receive?
Your employer will only receive a fitness certificate confirming that you have completed the questionnaire/ medical and any recommendations Occupational Health has made to support you in your role.
Why has my employer referred me to Occupational Health?
There are several reasons why you could have been referred.  The most common are:

  • Absence from work due to a health condition, injury or illness
  • To help you return to work following a period of absence
  • A health condition, injury or illness that may be affecting your performance or the safety of you or others
  • Recommendation from the Occupational Health Advisor following a post offer medical or health surveillance medical to support adjustments that may be required

A referral into OH also gives you the opportunity to talk over, in confidence, any concerns you might have about your health, in relation to your work, with an experienced OH professional.

What information does my employer receive?
Your employer will only receive a fitness certificate confirming that you have completed the questionnaire/ medical and any recommendations Occupational Health has made to support you in your role.
Do I have to consent to the referral?
In order to conduct the consultation and issue a report to your employer we will require your consent in writing. You have the option to view the proposed report before it is released to your employer. If, however, you do not consent to the consultation, and/or the release of the management report, your employer will use other information available to them when making business decisions. This may mean that they do not have the best available information to make decisions that may affect you and your health at work. Please note that you can withdraw your consent at any point in the process.
What happens after my employer has made a referral?
Occupational Health will liaise with your employer and arrange a date and time for the consultation with an Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) or an Occupational Health Physician (OHP).

The consultation may be conducted over the telephone, face to face or via video conferencing.

The OHA/ OHP will verbally re-confirm your consent at the time of consultation. The management report will be based on the information you provide at the time of consultation, including any support information such as Consultant reports, and the questions on the referral form asked by your employer. The report may include the following information:

  • Nature of the reported health condition, injury or illness
  • Expected time frame for recovery and/or return to work
  • Potential workplace adjustments
  • Proposed return to work plan
  • Guidance on health condition management
  • Fitness to work and workplace recommendations
  • Equality Act provisions


Further reviews may be required to most effectively assist with recovery and/or return to work.

Can I get a copy of my report?
Any clinical information taken during the consultation will be stored securely and confidentially by Occupational Health.  Your employer does not access to this information.

The only medical information contained within the report is directly related to your fitness for work and the reported medical condition, injury or illness. This will generally include such information as the nature of the condition and its impact on your functional work capability.

All medical information will remain confidential. The only exception to this rule will be if the OH professional believes that failure to do so may exposure the individual or others, to risk of death or serious harm. In this circumstance, Clarity will act within the guidance of the General Medical Council.

What is an Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) / Occupational Health Physician (OHP)?
OHAs are qualified nurses.  OHPs are qualified doctors. They undertake specialist training, with qualifications and experience in Occupational Health Medicine. They have knowledge of Health and Safety at work and Employment Legislations, as well as the impact that certain work exposures are likely to have on health. Further to this, OHAs and OHPs have specialist knowledge of the impact of health issues on the ability of an individual to conduct their duties, safely, legally and without causing further harm to themselves or others.
What happens next?
The next stage of the process will depend upon your employer, however, often a Manager/HR will arrange to meet with you to discuss the OH report and any recommendations that have been made within it.  Recommendations given to your Manager/HR by the OH on adjustments, phased return to work programs, duties and hours are advisory only. These will be discussed with you by your employer.
What is the Equality Act 2010?
The Equality Act 2010 details 9 protected characteristics, upon which it is unlawful to discriminate against an individual. Although Occupational Health professionals have an important part to play in various areas of equality law, often the most critical element of this is with regard to disability.  The Act defines a disabled person as someone who has an impairment that has a substantial adverse and long-term effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Everyone seeing Occupational Health will be treated fairly with privacy and dignity.

Although Occupational Health professionals will give their opinion on the application of the Equality Act, ultimately this remains a legal decision, rather than a clinical one.

How should I do to prepare for an OH assessment?
To enable the OHA to fully review your referral, please ensure that the following information is available:

  • Details of any medications being taken (name and dosage) – reason for the medication
  • Names and addresses of your treating doctors and/or specialists
  • Copies of any relevant correspondence or reports from your GP or specialist if available

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Featured Service

Needs Assessment

Occupational Health Needs Assessments help to identify and manage the health risks within the business. It provides essential data to support a proactive occupational health service.

Our process is designed to take the complexities of your occupational health needs, and present them in a easily understandable assessment matrix, breaking down your employees into groups, and displaying the type of surveillance and/or medicals they require. Upon completion, a tailored occupational health matrix will be available for your review.

Health Surveillance Services

Maintaining a healthy workforce in a safe environment is vital for employee well-being and business success.

It is a statutory requirement for businesses to carry out health surveillance medicals for those employees at risk from hazards including noise, vibration, solvents, dusts, fumes, and other substances hazardous to health.

Management Referrals

Absence from work is a growing concern. Work related ill-health can happen in any business, whatever its size.
The key to successful management is a clearly defined process with identifiable trigger points and a resolutions-based service that is directive.

This will help to reduce disruption, loss of productivity and management time dealing with absence issues.

Post Offer Medicals

Screening new and prospective employees is vital to support and protect their wellbeing and your business. It will help you to ensure the personal, physical and psychological capability of your employee to undertake the role.

It is essential to provide an accessible service that is flexible in its method of delivery. Whether you are booking an individual medical, half day or full day, Clarity can undertake the assessment in our Medical Mobile Unit onsite or at a local clinic within a 5-mile radius.


Mobile Medical Unit

Our mobile medical units are the pride of what we do, the frontline of our mobile occupational healthcare business. Clarity are proud to announce an ever increasing fleet of over 30 bespoke Mobile Medical Units (MMU), providing access to quality healthcare on-site. The MMU’s offer flexibility and space to carry out effective health screening in a range of locations, including clients business premises.

Company Information

Clarity Occupational Health is a national provider of Occupational Health services across the UK supporting organisations from all market sectors. Our aim is to make occupational health accessible to all by providing solutions that enhance the link between employers and their employees. We deliver comprehensive services, including health surveillance, safety critical medicals, absence management, health and wellness programmes, as well as a full range of diagnostics and treatments.