Post Offer Medicals

Screening new and prospective employees is vital to support and protect their wellbeing and your business. It will help you to ensure the personal, physical and psychological capability of your employee to undertake the role. 

Key benefits of screening include:

  • Identify and manage health issues
  • Prevent ill health
  • Reduce sickness absence levels
  • Establish a benchmark against future ill health claims
  • Protect against conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, musculoskeletal and asthma
  • Consider relevant legislation and meet legal obligations to provide reasonable adjustments

Clarity recommend a 2-stage process:

Post Offer Questionnaire

Questionnaires are a simple and cost-effective method for reviewing the intrinsic elements of the role. Our online service is designed to improve the post offer turnaround times.

  • Online dashboard provides accurate and real time information on the status of each questionnaire.
  • HR able to customise the email template with a direct link to the online questionnaire and a secure unique PIN to facilitate secure logon.
  • Online questionnaire ensures all mandatory information is electronically submitted and captured. This helps facilitate a paper–free environment, process and operation.
  • Fitness for role notification.
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Post Offer Medical

Post Offer Medicals can include a range of tests depending upon the role and your business requirements. An initial assessment will establish baseline health surveillance data for the next stage of the employee’s lifecycle.

It is essential to provide an accessible service that is flexible in its method of delivery. Whether you are booking an individual medical, half day or full day, Clarity can undertake the assessment in our Medical Mobile Unit onsite or at a local clinic within a 5-mile radius.


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Post Offer Questionnaire FAQ's

Why have I been asked to complete a post offer questionnaire?

As part of the recruitment process, you may be asked to complete a post offer questionnaire.  The purpose of a post offer questionnaire is to ensure that the individual has no pre-existing ill health or disability that may make the performance of the proposed job difficult or unsafe for the individual, other workers or third parties. The assessment is also used to identify whether the workplace needs adapting to accommodate the needs of the disabled individual.

What information does my employer receive?

Your employer will only receive a fitness certificate confirming that you have completed the questionnaire/ medical and any recommendations Occupational Health has made to support you in your role.