Clinical Governance

Clinical governance is the framework through which Clarity ensures that our processes are in line with current best practice. Our processes are continually improving, to ensure we safeguard our high standards of occupational health practice, through stringent and robust clinical governance. This supports a professional and efficient service.

We have a team of highly experienced and qualified healthcare professionals who oversee our work and ensure that our practices are consistently in line with industry best practice. All our Occupational Health Physicians (OHP), Occupational Health Advisors (OHA), Occupational Health Technicians (OHT) and other allied health professionals have their work audited on a regular basis to ensure that it remains at the high standard both we, and our clients have come to expect. The audit and feedback system allows our health professionals to continually increase their professional performance, efficiency, knowledge and competency.

Our standards are set against the guidelines provided by government agencies; Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and industry bodies and experts – Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM). Our SEQOHS accreditation is one of the many ways we can demonstrate our high standards of clinical knowledge and practice.

The framework for our clinical governance is based on the General Medical Council’s (GMC) 4 principles

1)Continuous improvement

We ensure that we have both internal and external assurances, that our systems of clinical governance are operating effectively and in a continuous fashion. We encourage independent scrutiny and challenge of our processes.

2)An effective environment

We actively promote the benefits of effective clinical governance within our organisation. Our training and development underpins the responsibility, that all of our clinicians have an understanding of their accountability for the quality of service they provide. We aim to encourage a culture of excellence, where poor practice is not acceptable.


By using systems of checks and balances, we ensure that all our processes and policies are fair and free from bias.

4)Supporting Processes

We conduct appraisals for all our nursing staff, in line with NMC guidance. Our appraisal system is subject to quality assurances, to ensure that the appraisers are monitoring performance appropriately. We share learning opportunities throughout our team to ensure that everyone benefits from individual experiences. Our processes are overseen by senior clinicians with a wealth of experience, expertise and qualifications.

Our aim is to continue to lead the way in Occupational Health practice and encourage feedback from customers to support our progress.