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Needs Assessment

Identify your risks and plan how to manage these…

Occupational Health Needs Assessments help to identify and manage the health risks within the business. It provides essential data to support a proactive occupational health service.

Key Purpose  

  • Analyse individual job roles and the potential exposure that may lead to adverse health effects
  • Review control measures and risk assessments
  • Assess how an employee’s health may affect their ability to conduct work safely and effectively
  • Identify any roles that require specific consideration, including specific fitness standards and their purpose
  • Identify special considerations, such as pregnancy, disability, age
  • Highlight which measures are considered a legal duty, and which are considered best practice
  • Identify the extent of occupational health input required


  • Discussion
    With key personnel – Health & Safety, Human Resources and Operations
  • Information Gathering
    Breakdown of departments, shift patterns and staff numbers
  • Review of OH Measures
    Current and previous OH including details regarding records
  • Procedures
    Understand the current procedures
  • Obtain Risk Assessments
    Review relevant risk assessments such as COSHH
  • Understand expectations
    Be clear on requirements


  • Information is analysed by our expert clinician
  • Proposed health surveillance matrix is developed with other key services to support the business
  • Detailed document is produced to support the next step of the process
  • Health and Safety and HR Teams are encouraged to use the report to successfully implement your occupational health service

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