Management Referrals

Absence from work is a growing concern. Work related ill-health can happen in any business, whatever its size.
The key to successful management is a clearly defined process with identifiable trigger points and a resolutions-based service that is directive. This will help to reduce disruption, loss of productivity and management time dealing with absence issues.


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How We Can Help With Your Management Referrals

Early intervention through our highly experienced Occupational Health Advisors, will help to facilitate the much faster return to work, of employees off sick or experiencing issues in the workplace. Consultations are based on the use of detailed questioning and previous medical history. We can provide telephone-based assessments, face to face assessments and video consultations. Positive management of occupational health issues, can lead to savings many times greater, than the investment needed to achieve this.

Case Conferencing Model

Our Case Conferencing model ensures that managers are carefully guided through the referral process enabling them to take full control of the consultation process.

Informed consent is obtained from the employee.

Convenient Healthcare Services

Pre-case Conference Meeting

Between the OHA and clients referring manager:

  • Discuss elements of the case Review the referral form and contents
  • Understand the direction for the referral
  • Further ‘context’ that may be beneficial.

  • Mid-case Consultation

    Between the OHA and the individual:

  • Confirm identity, consent and referral form
  • Obtain occupation and social medical history
  • Current treatment
  • Job role – shift patterns, duties, exposure
  • Recommendations, Equality Act
  • Onward referrals/ review
  • Any specific questions
  • Post Case Meeting

    Between the OHA and referring manager:

  • Review of the consultation
  • Provide clear recommendations, likely length of absence, Equality Act, adjustments and phased return
  • Referring manager to progress the case on the day

  • Using the Occupational Health Portal

    By asking key questions on the referral form the OHA will recommend the most appropriate interventions, resolving issues more effectively.


    Our online system enables you to:

    • Refer directly via your online portal
    • Provides a facility to request pre and post case conferencing
    • User defined management referral consent form
    • Captures all mandatory information essential for the referral
    • Attachment upload facility for additional documentation
    • Track the status of the referral, including appointment dates and recommendations
    • Secure manager dashboard delivery providing access to completed management referrals, management reports and communication from the OH team

    Convenient Healthcare Services

    Telephone Based Assessments

    Telephone based assessments are especially effective as an initial assessment prior to a face to face consultation, in the event of an individual returning to work quickly or where an individual is unable to attend a clinic.

    Face to Face Assessments

    Ad-hoc consultations and fixed day clinics can be arranged to suit you. Face to face consultations are especially beneficial for muscular-skeletal issues or where an examination needs to take place.

    Video Consultations

    Where face to face appointments are not possible and telephone consultations not appropriate, we can arrange virtual consultations via video conferencing, providing a confidential and efficient service using appropriate technology.

    Management Referral Support

    There will be times when an employee needs additional support to help them manage the challenges they face when returning to work or whilst at work.

    Clarity work with a network of Counsellors, Physiotherapists and Occupational Health Physicians across the UK with varying specialisms to support employees with diverse occupational health needs.

    All specialists are highly experienced, trained and qualified in their area of expertise, belonging to the relevant faculty or association.


    Clarity will support and manage issues relating to sickness absence, reviewing trends within the business and developing strategies to overcome problem areas.

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    Management Referral FAQ's

    What is Occupational Health?

    Occupational Health is concerned with the effects of health on work and work on health, considering an individual’s health, and fitness to perform certain jobs/workplace tasks.Your employer is committed to looking after your health and wellbeing and developing a healthy working environment, keeping you safe.

    Why has my employer referred me to Occupational Health?

    There are several reasons why you could have been referred.  The most common are:


    • Absence from work due to a health condition, injury or illness
    • To help you return to work following a period of absence
    • A health condition, injury or illness that may be affecting your performance or the safety of you or others
    • Recommendation from the Occupational Health Advisor following a post offer medical or health surveillance medical to support adjustments that may be required

    A referral into OH also gives you the opportunity to talk over, in confidence, any concerns you might have about your health, in relation to your work, with an experienced OH professional.

    What happens after my employer has made a referral?

    Occupational Health will liaise with your employer and arrange a date and time for the consultation with an Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) or an Occupational Health Physician (OHP).


    The consultation may be conducted over the telephone, face to face or via video conferencing.

    The OHA/ OHP will verbally re-confirm your consent at the time of consultation. The management report will be based on the information you provide at the time of consultation, including any support information such as Consultant reports, and the questions on the referral form asked by your employer. The report may include the following information:

    • Nature of the reported health condition, injury or illness
    • Expected time frame for recovery and/or return to work
    • Potential workplace adjustments
    • Proposed return to work plan
    • Guidance on health condition management
    • Fitness to work and workplace recommendations
    • Equality Act provisions

    Further reviews may be required to most effectively assist with recovery and/or return to work.

    What information does my employer receive?

    Your employer will only receive a fitness certificate confirming that you have completed the questionnaire/ medical and any recommendations Occupational Health has made to support you in your role.




    What information does my employer receive?

    Your employer will only receive a fitness certificate confirming that you have completed the questionnaire/ medical and any recommendations Occupational Health has made to support you in your role.



    Do I have to consent to the referral?

    In order to conduct the consultation and issue a report to your employer we will require your consent in writing. You have the option to view the proposed report before it is released to your employer. If, however, you do not consent to the consultation, and/or the release of the management report, your employer will use other information available to them when making business decisions. This may mean that they do not have the best available information to make decisions that may affect you and your health at work. Please note that you can withdraw your consent at any point in the process.




    Can I get a copy of my report?

    Any clinical information taken during the consultation will be stored securely and confidentially by Occupational Health.  Your employer does not access to this information.

    The only medical information contained within the report is directly related to your fitness for work and the reported medical condition, injury or illness. This will generally include such information as the nature of the condition and its impact on your functional work capability.

    All medical information will remain confidential. The only exception to this rule will be if the OH professional believes that failure to do so may exposure the individual or others, to risk of death or serious harm. In this circumstance, Clarity will act within the guidance of the General Medical Council.









    What happens next?

    The next stage of the process will depend upon your employer, however, often a Manager/HR will arrange to meet with you to discuss the OH report and any recommendations that have been made within it.  Recommendations given to your Manager/HR by the OH on adjustments, phased return to work programs, duties and hours are advisory only. These will be discussed with you by your employer.

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