Health Surveillance

Maintaining a healthy workforce in a safe environment is vital for employee well-being and business success.

It is a statutory requirement for you to carry out health surveillance medicals for those employees at risk from hazards including noise, vibration, solvents, dusts, fumes, and other substances hazardous to health.

Clarity operate an ever increasing fleet of Mobile Medical Units (MMU), providing access to quality healthcare on-site.


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Convenient Healthcare Services

On-Site Clinics

Be it a regular fixed visit or ad-hoc services, our onsite provision integrates seamlessly into our client facilities, extending their internal departments to develop an occupational health provision.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile Medical Units offer flexibility and space to carry out effective health screening in a range of locations, including clients business premises, without your employees having to take lengthy time off work.

Urgent Appointments

Face to face meetings are not always possible. Video or Telephone consultations offer an effective solution enabling the employee to attend appointments from their home.

How We Can Help With Your Health Surveillance

Early detection of work-related ill health could significantly reduce levels of absence and improve productivity.

With the support of Clarity, you can be confident that your staff are working in a safe, secure and protected environment that meets your legal obligations.

Medicals are conducted by our trained and highly experienced Occupational Health Technicians in a fully equipped and calibrated Mobile Medical Unit, that takes away the need for on-site facilities.

Our tailored health surveillance service gives:

Allows your employees to report work-related health concerns at an early stage
Highlights opportunities to provide additional training and education
Access a wide range of on-site assessments covering all work-related risks
Fit for Work medicals for employees working in safety critical roles
Gather data that will help you to evaluate any risks to the health of your employees
Assist in identifying whether improved control measures are needed

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Health Surveillance FAQ's

What is an Occupational Health Surveillance Medical?

This is a pro-active measure that provides clinical testing and questionnaires for employees exposed to health hazards, including excessive noise, dust, chemicals and hand transmitted vibration. In many cases, this is a legal requirement for employers.

What does the health surveillance medical involve?

The health surveillance medical can include some or all of the following tests: Audiometry, HAVS, Skin Assessment, Spirometry, Urine and Blood Samples. Part of the assessment is based on confidential health questionnaires which will be completed with the Clarity Occupational Health Technician during the appointment.

What will happen if a medical condition is identified during the Health Surveillance?

The Occupational Health team will assess the condition, and advise if further investigation or treatment is required. If so, you may be asked to arrange a review with your GP.


In some cases, you may be referred for review with an OHA or OHP. (see Management referral FAQ’s).

Why do I need to have a health surveillance medical?

Depending upon your role, you may require a health surveillance medical, if you are exposed to health hazards, including excessive noise, dust, chemicals and offhand transmitted vibration. This can help to make sure that any potential ill health effects are detected as early as possible

How often do I need to have health surveillance?

Occupational health surveillance is undertaken regularly. How often you will need to have an assessment depends upon your job function, working environment and risk assessments. Please consult with your Line Manager, or Human Resource Department for further information.

What happens to my medical records and who has access to these?

All medical records will be retained by Clarity Occupational Health. Confidentiality will be maintained at all stages of the Occupational Health Process. Managers will not be given access to medical records but will be given an outcome summary. Under the General Data Protection Act (GDPR 2018) and Access to Medical Records Act (1988), you have the right to see your medical records upon submission of a written request. Clarity Occupational Health is accredited by SEQOHS and maintains its records with the strictest protocols in line with this accreditation.