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Health Surveillance

Maintaining a healthy workforce in a safe environment is vital for employee well-being and business success. 

It is a statutory requirement for you to carry out health surveillance medicals for those employees at risk from hazards including noise, vibration, solvents, dusts, fumes, and other substances hazardous to health.

Early detection of work-related ill health could significantly reduce levels of absence and improve productivity.

With the support of Clarity, you can be confident that your staff are working in a safe, secure and protected environment that meets your legal obligations.

Medicals are conducted by our trained and highly experienced Occupational Health Technicians in a fully equipped and calibrated Medical Mobile Unit, that takes away the need for on-site facilities.

Here are some of the Health Surveillance assessments you may require:

Forklift Truck Medical (FLT)

Under the Health and Safety Act, employers must ensure the health and safety of all their employees, including FLT drivers, which can be achieved through an FLT medical.

Respiratory Health Surveillance

Employees working in an environment where they may be at risk from respiratory sensitisers or irritants, require respiratory health surveillance, including a spirometry test; required under the COSHH Regulations.

Audiometric Testing

Employees working in a noisy environment under the Noise at Work Regulations, will require an audiometry test in a sound proof calibrated booth.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

Employees who are exposed to Hand Transmitted Vibration (HTV), may require regular HAVS assessments under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations.

Night Worker Medicals

Employees working night shifts will need to be offered an Occupational Health assessment under the Working Time Directive.

Display Screen Workstation Assessments

Regulated under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations, workstation assessments will be required by the majority of employees, including home workers, who use computers, laptops and CCTV for a part of their working day.

Skin Surveillance

May be required under COSHH Regulations for employees working with hazardous substance.

Biological Monitoring

Employees exposed to chemicals may require testing for specific biological chemicals, such as Isocynates, Nickel, Chrome, Styrene, Toulene, etc.

Statutory Medicals

Arrange statutory medicals for Asbestos, Ionising Radiation and Lead with a HSE appointed Occupational Health Physician, to ensure annual medicals are completed and employees are safe in their working environment. All HSE records will be kept updated and accessible.

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