A Comprehensive Range of Services

Our aim is to make occupational health accessible to all by providing solutions that enhance the link between employers and their employees. We deliver comprehensive services, including health surveillance, safety critical medicals, needs assessments, absence management, health and wellness programmes, as well as a full range of diagnostics and treatments.


Clarity deliver these services through a variety of routes providing flexibility and accessibility.
We operate a fleet of high specification Mobile Medical Units, we have an extensive network of healthcare locations across the UK or we can provide services at your workplace in a designated appropriate space.



Convenient Occupational Health Services

On-Site Clinics

Be it a regular fixed visit or ad-hoc services, our onsite provision integrates seamlessly into our client facilities, extending their internal departments to develop an occupational health provision.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile Medical Units offer flexibility and space to carry out effective health screening in a range of locations, including clients business premises, without your employees having to take lengthy time off work.

Video Appointments

Face to face meetings are not always possible. Video or Telephone consultations offer an effective solution enabling the employee to attend appointments from their home.

Wellbeing Initiatives

Physical Health, Mental Health and Lifestyle Factors work together to give a balanced status.  Poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems and poor lifestyle choices.

At Clarity, we work in partnership with you to establish proactive solutions, to inform, to implement, and to manage the most effective solutions.

Improved health and wellbeing will lead to a significant increase in performance and productivity.

Training Courses

Clarity offers a full range of training courses designed specifically to meet the needs of your business. Working with your management team we can design a programme tailored to your business and focus on the courses that are key to your business from organisational and management development training to more bespoke courses.

Needs Assessments

Occupational Health Needs Assessments help to identify and manage the health risks within the business. It provides essential data to support a proactive occupational health service.

Analyse individual job roles and the potential exposure that may lead to adverse health effects.

Review control measures and risk assessments. Review control measures and risk assessments.

Assess how an employee’s health may affect their ability to conduct work safely and effectively


Exit Medicals

Whether your employee is moving to a new role or coming to the end of their career, an exit medical will represent the end of their employee lifecycle with you. This may help to provide protection against potential future negligence claims.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

The misuse of drugs and alcohol can seriously affect an individual’s personal life and have a damaging effect in the workplace. As an employer you have a duty of care to protect your workforce and act upon any suspected drugs and alcohol related activities.

It’s a legal requirement for companies to have a health and safety policy in place and, many company insurers insist on organisations having a comprehensive to have a drug and alcohol policy.


Clarity can support you with developing your vaccination programme and assist with its implementation, ensuring employees are safe.

By introducing a structured onsite vaccination programme you will comply under current legislation, reduce your risk, minimise the loss of working time, and improve profitability.