Clarity’s Approach to COVID-19

Our priority is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and that of our clients’ employees.

Our clinical team review the government guidance on a daily basis and how this will affect our working arrangements and client environments. Regular updates are provided to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken and processes are updated.

We have aligned our service to the guidance provided by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and other industry leading bodies; the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) and Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM).

Clarity’s Control Measures

We have instigated key steps to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 to our workforce and that of our clients. 

These include:

  • Daily health check for all Clarity staff attending site
  • Social distancing measures
  • Protective screen between clinician and individual
  • PPE worn during all assessments
  • Tests including audiometry and blood pressure monitoring tailored to remove physical contact
  • All screening equipment and work surfaces in the Medical Mobile Unit sanitised after every medical

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COVID-19 Antigen Testing

Keeping workplaces working

Rapid Results  |  98% accurate

Workplace testing is pivotal to supporting employees returning to and staying in work, in a safer environment. Employers can react quickly to positive results, isolate and control situations onsite.

Clarity Occupational Health are offering antigen testing kits providing rapid results within 15  minutes, giving you peace of mind and an operationally safe environment.


COVID Kit Includes:

  •  20 COVID-19 Antigen Lateral Flow Tests
  • CE marked
  • Self administering kits
  • Result in 15 minutes
  • 96.18% Sensitivity
  • 99.72% Specificity
  • Step by step guide and training video


What is an Occupational Health Surveillance Medical?

This is a pro-active measure that provides clinical testing and questionnaires for employees exposed to health hazards, including excessive noise, dust, chemicals and hand transmitted vibration. In many cases, this is a legal requirement for employers.

What does the health surveillance medical involve?

The health surveillance medical can include some or all of the following tests: Audiometry, HAVS, Skin Assessment, Spirometry, Urine and Blood Samples. Part of the assessment is based on confidential health questionnaires which will be completed with the Clarity Occupational Health Technician during the appointment.

What will happen if a medical condition is identified during the Health Surveillance?

The Occupational Health team will assess the condition, and advise if further investigation or treatment is required. If so, you may be asked to arrange a review with your GP.


In some cases, you may be referred for review with an OHA or OHP. (see Management referral FAQ’s).

Why do I need to have a health surveillance medical?

Depending upon your role, you may require a health surveillance medical, if you are exposed to health hazards, including excessive noise, dust, chemicals and offhand transmitted vibration. This can help to make sure that any potential ill health effects are detected as early as possible

How often do I need to have health surveillance?

Occupational health surveillance is undertaken regularly. How often you will need to have an assessment depends upon your job function, working environment and risk assessments. Please consult with your Line Manager, or Human Resource Department for further information.

What happens to my medical records and who has access to these?

All medical records will be retained by Clarity Occupational Health. Confidentiality will be maintained at all stages of the Occupational Health Process. Managers will not be given access to medical records but will be given an outcome summary. Under the General Data Protection Act (GDPR 2018) and Access to Medical Records Act (1988), you have the right to see your medical records upon submission of a written request. Clarity Occupational Health is accredited by SEQOHS and maintains its records with the strictest protocols in line with this accreditation.