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Wellbeing Initiatives

Workplace health promotion is not just about health education, it’s about establishing healthy workplace policies and supportive environments, building individual skills and organisational resilience and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Physical Health, Mental Health and Lifestyle Factors work together to give a balanced status.

Wellbeing Initiatives

Health Surveillance Services

Maintaining a healthy workforce in a safe environment is vital for employee well-being and business success.

It is a statutory requirement for businesses to carry out health surveillance medicals for those employees at risk from hazards including noise, vibration, solvents, dusts, fumes, and other substances hazardous to health.

Management Referrals

Absence from work is a growing concern. Work related ill-health can happen in any business, whatever its size.
The key to successful management is a clearly defined process with identifiable trigger points and a resolutions-based service that is directive.

This will help to reduce disruption, loss of productivity and management time dealing with absence issues.

Post Offer Medicals

Screening new and prospective employees is vital to support and protect their wellbeing and your business. It will help you to ensure the personal, physical and psychological capability of your employee to undertake the role.

It is essential to provide an accessible service that is flexible in its method of delivery. Whether you are booking an individual medical, half day or full day, Clarity can undertake the assessment in our Medical Mobile Unit onsite or at a local clinic within a 5-mile radius.


Mobile Medical Unit

Our mobile medical units are the pride of what we do, the frontline of our mobile occupational healthcare business. Clarity are proud to announce an ever increasing fleet of over 30 bespoke Mobile Medical Units (MMU), providing access to quality healthcare on-site. The MMU’s offer flexibility and space to carry out effective health screening in a range of locations, including clients business premises.

Company Information

Clarity Occupational Health is a national provider of Occupational Health services across the UK supporting organisations from all market sectors. Our aim is to make occupational health accessible to all by providing solutions that enhance the link between employers and their employees. We deliver comprehensive services, including health surveillance, safety critical medicals, absence management, health and wellness programmes, as well as a full range of diagnostics and treatments.