Clarity Occupational Health Proudly Supports Ipswich Basketball Foundation


At Clarity Occupational Health, we are excited to announce our partnership with the Ipswich Basketball Foundation (IBF), a remarkable charity dedicated to promoting participation in basketball for children and young people in Ipswich and the surrounding areas of Suffolk. This initiative, supported by WillisPalmer, aligns seamlessly with our commitment to community well-being and fostering opportunities for the next generation.


The IBF Mission: Empowering Young Athletes:

The Ipswich Basketball Foundation, guided by the vision of creating abundant opportunities for children and young people, strives to overcome barriers that limit engagement in basketball. Often, economic hardship, lack of facilities, or insufficient awareness of the benefits of the sport can hinder participation. The IBF not only seeks to introduce basketball to new enthusiasts but also supports those already playing, providing avenues for skill development and long-term engagement, regardless of financial constraints.

Through partnerships with local schools and clubs, the IBF aims to promote basketball activity, enabling more young individuals to discover a sport that instills discipline, teamwork, leadership, and fair play. The transformative power of team sports, especially basketball, is evident in the lives of countless young people who have experienced its positive impact.

Trustees Making a Difference:

The Ipswich Basketball Foundation actively provides grants to organizations and individuals, strategically investing where it can demonstrably increase basketball participation in Ipswich and the surrounding areas of East Anglia. By offering financial support, the IBF seeks to enable and encourage young people to benefit from the sport, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Mark Willis, a trustee of the Ipswich Basketball Foundation, shared his passion, stating, “We founded the Ipswich Basketball Foundation because we love the sport and have seen first hand how it has the power to change young people’s lives.”

At Clarity Occupational Health, we are honoured to stand beside the Ipswich Basketball Foundation in their mission to empower young athletes and provide them with the tools to succeed both on and off the court. Together, let’s create a future where every child has the opportunity to experience the transformative power of basketball.


If you would like to make a minimum donation of £250 so that we can help more children and young people to improve their life chances through basketball, please email Mark Willis

Donations are accepted from businesses and other organisations who share our vision or from individuals. All those donating will receive an invoice which includes our charity registration number and a chance to stay involved through our regular newsletters and social media. 


For more details, contact: ibfenquiry@gmail.comRegistered Charity No. 1184739

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